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Denizen is an online magazine dedicated to today's Third Culture Kids. It represents the modern global nomad community, complete with attitude, expression and creativity.


Sharing stories from our lives.

Drifting Between Nations

I was born on vacation. My parents – Armenians from Iran – didn’t want their first-born child to be saddled with their politically unfortunate nationality from the get-go, so they chose the most innocuous of jus soli granting states and planned my birth accordingly. By this logic, I’m Canadian.

By Atossa Araxia Abrahamian

In Shanghai, Seeking Ramadan

Having grown up in India, United Arab Emirates, and Turkey – countries where there is immense awareness about Islam – my most unique experience as a TCK Muslim was when I was studying abroad in Shanghai.

By Neeha Mujeeb

I don't understand the words

My Indian family's reaction to my monolingualism was an almost distressing medley of amusement, incredulity and borderline contempt. As I grew up, the question ‘Do you speak Kannada yet?’ began to punctuate our family visits with wearying regularity.

By Feroz Salam

A Moment of Clarity

I had told myself I wouldn’t have culture shock in America because I’d spent a lot of time here before. I was ready for air-conditioning and smooth highways, and I couldn’t complain about those. What I hadn’t realized was that I had secretly, unknowingly formed prejudices against people based on a first impression. This had made me quiet and melancholic.

By Alejandra Castillo

Made in Hong Kong

I am half-Chinese, half-German and have never been anything else. It never occurred to me that this would be an issue to other Chinese.

By Christina Domhardt


Working, TCK-style.

I'm a TCK and a Model

"I like how it’s so entirely different from anything I’ve ever done before," said TCK model Hanna Stagg. "It’s challenging in a way I’ve never been challenged before, you have to put yourself out there and get ready for rejection all the time."

By Wazha Dube

I'm a TCK... and I play for the NBA

At 22, Joe Alexander is likely the first Taiwanese-born Third Culture Kid to play for the NBA. Born in Kaohsiung, Alexander plays for the Milwaukee Bucks and was the no. 8 overall pick during the 2008 draft.

By Wazha Dube

I'm a TCK, and I Can Has Cheezburger?

Ben Huh, 33, is the CEO of the Cheezburger Network, the Internet company that owns “I Can Has Cheezburger?” Huh, one of Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People in Business, grew up between South Korea, Hong Kong and California.

By Steph Yiu

Aliens in Hollywood

To understand why it is arguably more difficult for a non-U.S. resident to break into Hollywood than into a more common occupation (Computer Programmer, Engineer or Banker), you need to understand the following things about Hollywood.

By Yeesum Lo


The people we love.

I Love You, But I Want to Leave

“Lovepats” are people who become expats for love, usually moving to their partner’s home country. When you fall in love and decide to follow someone to the ends of the earth, there isn’t always a lot of logic involved.

By Anna Maria Moore

Raising a TCK of your own

How would you want to raise your kids? Spare them the pain of moving, or give them the gift of travel? I’ve always wondered what it would be like, to raise TCK children of my own.

By Steph Yiu

Guide To College

The things we would’ve told our freshman year selves, if we could.

A Third Culture Kid's Guide to College

So, here are our words of advice, the things we would've told our freshman year selves, if we could. It's not dressed up, it's not loaded with research. Honest thoughts, in our own words, from real Third Culture Kids.

By Steph Yiu

10 Things You'll Love About the United States

You may not know how to drive, but odds are your new American friends will be more than willing to drag you on a crazy cross-country bender courtesy of the nation's interstate highway system. Adventures and hilarity will surely ensue in the land of Route 66.

By Alan Ryan Garcia


Trying to figure it out.

Why TCKs (Sort Of) Suck at Trivia

Growing up abroad with a limited flow of information meant that our pop culture DNA may be non-existent or slightly flawed. Nothing brings this truth more to light than a night playing trivia in Chicago.

By Betty Chen

A TCK's "Quarter-Life Crisis"

Now, some people would tell me to get a grip. I was going through the typical “Quarter-Life Crisis,” where a 20-something starts feeling anxious about their future. But as adult TCKs, we also face the unusual crossroads of wondering whether to stay put, or to remain a global nomad.

By Simon Sheung

So you think you've met a TCK...

To whom it may concern. Congratulations! You’ve recently befriended/started dating/have hired a Third Culture Kid. It’s likely you’ve already asked the “Where are you from?” question and were completely bewildered by the answer. Here are some tips for success.

By Steph Yiu


A global nomad's perspective.

The Right To Vote In The Place You Live

Today, I live in a place where I have no say: the United States -- and could have a say in places where I do not live: Switzerland, Canada and Iran. I hold a right to three votes that I believe many others are more entitled to, and have no entitlements where I think my vote should count.

By Atossa Araxia Abrahamian

Why I Vote

Hosni Mubarak won with 99% of the vote. In my innocence, I wondered why Egypt’s president was so well liked, compared with the contempt with which we held American politicians.

By Scott May